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Les dette, og gi din støtte ved å legge igjen navn og epostadresse.

My name is Peter Ash. I am a business leader and philanthropist, living in Canada who has albinism, and thus am legally blind. I am the CEO of a global finance company in the financial services arena as well.

In case you may be unaware, albinism is a rare genetic condition that affects 1 in 20,000 in North America. Persons with albinism have no melanin in their hair, skin or eyes, and always have significant visual impairment as well, with most being legally blind.

I am emailing you as a someone who has a connection to the albinism or low vision community to enlist your support in relation to an urgent issue. Please also be aware – we are not asking for any financial support. What we are asking for is simply a moment of your time to read this email.

As you read this email, a genocide of albinos is going on in the country of Tanzania. Tanzania is in East Africa. People with albinism are being hunted there for their body parts. Their hair, skin, blood and limbs are savagely hacked off and then sold to witch doctors to make potions, which are alleged to make people rich if used in a specific way. Official numbers say that 28 albinos have been brutally murdered for their body parts in the last 18 months - my sources within the albinism community say the number may be closer to 40.

The youngest victim so far is a 7 month old baby.

In another horrifying incident, a Tanzanian trader was arrested in The Democratic Republic of The Congo as he was found to be transporting the head of an albino person. He told police he was going to sell it to another businessman by the weight of the head.

In to this horrific situation enter the organization I have founded: The Under The Same Sun Fund. It is a non profit group that is at present focused on this alarming issue.

Next month I will be leading a team to Tanzania to see how we can be of help. "My People" - the albinos of Tanzania are suffering and I want to do whatever I can to help. All of the details of the project are explained on our website. Please take a few moments to review the video links which show current media coverage of this continuing genocide.


After you have taken a few moments to understand the issues I am asking you to DO TWO SIMPLE THINGS to help those living in fear of this unspeakable evil in Tanzania.

1. Please sign the petition on the website.


2. Email as many people as possible and ask them to do the same - sign the petition. Email everyone you can think of.

When I am in Tanzania during the week of October 21 I will be meeting senior government officials, possibly The President of the Country himself. Whomever we meet from The Government will be receiving a copy of a petition with thousands of names from around the world - imploring their government to continue their work to address this issue and to bring to justice the killers. In the five short days the petition has been up it has attracted over 1,000 signatures from around the world.

So, please, take a moment now - go to the website -sign the petition and then email as many people and organizations as possible asking them to do the same!

If your organization has an email list for its members, please feel very free to forward this on to your members. As people impacted by vision loss, we must stand together. People with albinism are a part of the blind and vision impaired family you may be part of. They need our support during this time of crisis.

We want to show that people from around the world are concerned, so feel free to pass this on to those you know outside of your own country as well.

My sincere thanks for acting on behalf of My People – Our People - the hunted and vulnerable, the people with albinism in Tanzania.


Peter Ash
Founder & Director
Under The Same Sun Fund
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Surrey, BC V3R 6Y8
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