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onsdag 15. januar 2020

4th YPA – Young people with Albinism.

During the 5th EDA – European Days of Albinism, we also gather young people with Albinism from ten European countries. Do you have Albinism, are between the ages of 18 – 30, fluent in English, available to travel between April 1st (Wednesday) to April 5th (Sunday) and fancy a trip to Bordeaux France to meet other young people with Albinism?

This is the 4th time this event is happening, and the activities varies between mobility, socializing and taking part in work-shops. You are expected to give a little presentation in English of yourself and your Association to the other participants (NFFA will assist you) and also interact a little bit with the Scientist attending the EDA conference – this would mostly be answering unformal questions about living with Albinism in Norway. Note that there will be two representatives from the board of NFFA present at all time who will be available for information and support.

We are seeking three participants. If you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to leder@albinisme.no, where you tell us a little bit about yourself and your motivation for participating. This e-mail can be written in Norwegian. Please also list your phone number, as we will call you for a little interview – this will be in English.

The registration fee per participant is 500 NOK. This includes travels, meals, activities – spending money not included though. You might also be asked to vouch for some costs, NFFA will then of course reimburse you. NFFA will also be responsible traveling arrangements and purchasing tickets.

For additional questions or further information please contact
Eva Elida at 48034896 or e-mail leder@albinisme.no

The deadline for applying is set to January 31st.

On se voit à Bordeaux ? ????